About Us

The Discover the Delta Foundation is the vision of Delta native and resident, Ken Scheidegger, PhD. A graduate of UC Berkley, he received his Masters and Doctorate from Oregon State University in Oceanography. Dr. Scheidegger is well known as a research scientist specializing in oceanography with an emphasis in coastal processes in bays and estuaries. He has conducted research all over the world and served as a tenured Full Professor of Oceanography at Oregon State University. Dr. Scheidegger served as a consultant to the National Science Foundation for two years in Washington D.C. He actively serves as the Foundation's President and Project Manager.

In 2006, with growing concern that the public and policy makers lacked basic information and awareness about the California Delta, that inadequate science was contributing to the failed efforts to resolve the long-term Delta issues and the lack of involvement by the people who live and work in the Delta was increasing; Scheidegger joined with a group of Delta residents and business owners who shared his vision to create an educational, science based nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to educate all Californians about the importance of the California Delta.

Mission: Promote, protect and preserve the California Delta by providing objective and science-based information so that this very important resource can be better understood, enhanced, and enjoyed now and for the future.  Goals to Achieve the Mission:

  • Goal 1: Act as an unbiased and trusted source of objective, science-based information on the California Delta.
  • Goal 2: Increase the awareness regionally, statewide, nationally and internationally that the California Delta is an important and irreplaceable natural resource.
  • Goal 3: Preserve and enhance the California Delta’s agricultural, cultural, historical, environmental, and recreational resources.
  • Goal 4: Educate the public on the California Delta’s unique communities and rural areas.
  • Goal 5: Produce a new generation of California Delta stewards by stimulating learning and awareness.
  • Goal 6: Respect the varied views and improve the capacity of individuals, business, nonprofit and community groups to work together to benefit the California Delta.
  • Goal 7: Serve as a recognized leader in developing practical, local solutions to issues facing the California Delta.

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