Delta Education Center

The new Delta Education Center will be located in the heart of the Delta at the southeast corner of Highway 12 and Highway 160 near Rio Vista, California. The Delta Education Center will teach visitors about the California Delta, its related science, and the role that both play in our day to day lives. The Center is being designed to be the hub of an educational wheel. It will be a place where visitors can learn about the California Delta and then be connected to other natural, cultural, or recreational resources in the Delta Region.

The project includes construction of an 8,000 square foot Discovery Center, Farmer’s Market and demonstration scale working farm, science playground, Native American village, windmill, pond, greenhouse, more than one-half mile of interpretive trails, and numerous other outdoor exhibits and learning centers on a five-acre site located next to the Sacramento River in Sacramento County.

The Delta Education Center will be a fun and exciting place to visit, designed with hands-on experiences, changing exhibits, and special events. Admission to the project will be free. The project is easily accessible on Highway 12, the major cross Delta freeway that connects the Bay Area with the Central Valley.

Delta Education Center

Construction on the Delta Education Center has begun!

The early morning hours of July 21, 2011, found the Paula Lee, one of Bill Dutra’s large crane barges snugged up to the waterfront in Rio Vista waiting for the arrival of 2 rock barges from the Dutra quarry in San Raphael, California. The Paula Lee, fresh from several months in dry dock, was being commissioned to offload the base rock for the Discover the Delta Foundation’s Delta Education Center project. Delivery of the rock is the first step towards the construction of the new 8000 square-foot educational center at the corner of Highway 12 and 160. The rock will also be used for the base of the historic Dutra water tower and the ramp necessary to transport the tower onto the project site.

By mid-morning two heavily loaded rock barges, carrying 3000 yards of rock base were brought up river and secured next to the Paula Lee. The barges were unloaded over the next two days with each scoop of the dragline bucket dropping more than 20 yards or a full semi truckload of rock. A loader provided by Warren Gomes Excavation loaded the rock on five transfer trucks who delivered it to the project site.

The rock will be shaped and compacted into a building pad upon which the building’s foundation will be constructed.

The Building Has Arrived!

Over the summer, six semi tractor-trailers, fully loaded, rumbled into the Delta and onto the Delta Loop. These vehicles were delivering the metal building that will become the new Delta Education Center all the way from Texas. The future home of the building will be on the southeast corner of Highways 12 and 160, next to the Delta Farmer’s Market, just across the river from Rio Vista. Contractor Doug Faszer of Galt oversaw the unloading of the components. The building was fabricated to meet the DTDF specifications and will be 8,000 square feet and two stories. When completed it will contain numerous educational exhibits about the California Delta along with a large meeting room, restrooms, and a gift shop.

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