Delta Farmer’s Garden

The Delta Farmer’s Garden is one of twenty-six outdoor learning centers that will be located on the Delta Discovery Center project site. Over an acre in size, the Delta Farmer’s Garden is intended to teach visitors about Delta agriculture and help connect them to their food supply.

The garden will incorporate several different areas including a network of raised planting beds; an open area planted in melons, squash, and corn; olive trees and wine grape vines; livestock enclosures, and the apple orchard. The garden will make use of water-efficient irrigation techniques and will include interpretive signs to teach visitors about what is growing, how to grow it, and why it is important to the region.

Eventually, the farmer’s garden will also include a greenhouse. As the garden matures, visitors will be able to work in the garden doing various tasks including planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting vegetables. Livestock exhibits will include common farm animals.

Volunteers have been invaluable in the development and construction of the farmer’s garden. Volunteers have started 1000’s vegetable seedlings, many of which will be planted in the new garden. Surplus seedlings have been for sale in the Delta Farmer’s Market. In addition, many volunteers have been involved in the garden’s construction activities including construction of the raised beds, installation of the irrigation system, weed fabric, and pathways.

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