Delta Wines

Discover The DeltaIn California, the Delta is a major agricultural region with some of the most fertile soils in the world.  In the Delta, wine and wine grapes are a significant part of the regions agricultural industry.  While the Delta has only a fraction of the wineries in California, it produces about 25% of the state’s wine grapes, with many of these quality grapes being exported to improve and complement the grapes grown in other areas of the state.

At the Delta Farmer’s Market we feature only local wines from the Delta region.  We work closely with the regional winegrowers associations to help educate wine lovers and the public in general about the largely unknown, yet spectacular wines being produced here.

At the Delta Farmer’s Market customers will be introduced to many of the wines from the region.  Our new wine room holds more than 300 different varieties.  Customers can learn about the wines and wineries, see where they are located on regional maps and pick up literature from the wineries.  Our helpful staff can also help direct you to local tasting rooms to expand your local wine adventure.  Our goal is to create an entire new group of followers for these spectacular regional wines.

Clarksburg Appellation
Bogle Winery – Clarksburg California

  • Although the Bogle family has been farming since the mid-1800’s, it was not until 1968 that they planted their first 20 acres of wine grapes in Clarksburg, California.  The success of Bogle over the years is firmly rooted in one thing:  the day-to-day involvement of the Bogle family in the hands on effort to produce and promote quality wines.  Today Bogle Vineyards farms over 1,200 acres of wine grapes in the Delta region.  Their vineyard is the 14th largest winery in the country, shipping 1.2 million cases of wine a year.  Each and every Bogle wine is a unique and exciting blend with true varietal character and an approachable style.  Learn more about Bogle wines online at
 California Cellars – Isleton California

  • California Cellars is a small family vineyard that takes great pride in the wines that they grow and bottle.   The 102 acre estate is located within a beautifully sculptured, microclimate – located within the Clarksburg growing region.  In the spring and summer, the warm days are cooled by the Delta breeze, which creates ideal growing conditions.  Their winemaker is Norm Peters, who also manages the vineyard, ensuring quality from the grape to the bottle.  Norm has won many silver medals and a double gold as well.  He has introduced some new grapes to the area such as the famous Malbec.  California Cellars produces the iconic 41st Avenue and Andrus Island wine.  To learn more, visit California Cellars online at
 Dancing Coyote Wines

  • Dancing Coyote is a family run, owned and operated vineyard located in a beautiful stretch of land in California’s Clarksburg Appellation.  They have been farming in the Delta region along the Sacramento River for five generations, nuturing over 600 acres of exquisite wine grapes in the ideal climate and soil of the Sacramento Valley.  Their family’s devotion to producing wines of exceptional quality and character is unwavering.  So, it’s no surprise that the family is involved in the winemaking process every step of the way.  From the growing and harvesting of grapes at the peak of their flavor, to crushing, aging and handcrafting the final product.  In short, winemaking is their greatest passion.  Learnn more about Dancing Coyote Wine online at
 Heringer Winery – Clarksburg California

  • Heringer Winery is a small family run winery that is seven generations strong! More than 140 years ago, the Heringer family settled in the Clarksburg area.  The newly arrived immigrants from Holland purchased land and farmed standard crops for six generations.  The family has slowly converted to premium wine grapes over the last three generations starting back in the 1970′s.  They take pride in managing family vineyards that are meticulously maintained and consistently produce the best wine the Clarksburg Appellation has to offer.   The family winemaker Michael Heringer is the great great great grandson of the first Heringer to settle and farm in Clarksburg.  Growing up and working on the ranch just as his father and grandfathers have done generations before him, Michael gained a respect and love for the family tradition of being stewards of the land.  Learn more about Heringer Winery online at
 Miners Leap Winery

  • Wines produced at Miner’s Leap are made with the finest grapes and are produced in small lots, rarely over 50 cases per varietal. They produce wine with the intent of providing the richest and best tasting wine in the region.  While Miner’s Leap is a small production winery we strive to provide the extra special touch to enhance any occasion. Miner’s Leap will be moving its winery to Clarksburg along the Sacramento River in Spring of 2011.  Learn more about Miners Leap online at
 Tierra Del Rio Vineyards – Clarksburg California

  • Tierra Del Rio Vineyards is a small family owned winery located in Clarksburg, California.  The name of the winery means “earth of the river” which exemplifies the richness of the soils in the Clarksburg Apellation.It is the richness of the soils and the unique micro climate of theregion that allows for the production of wonderful varieties of grapes that the winery blends to produce beautiful wines.  Through the careful crafting of their wines Tierra Del Rio Vineyards is able to share the riches of the region with their customers.  Enjoy!
 Six Hands Winery – Walnut Grove California

  • Six Hands Winery is a boutique family winery located at the family’s century-old ranch in Walnut Grove.  The winery is nestled in the Sacramento River Delta, where warm summer days and cool evening breezes create optimal conditions for grape cultivation.  While modern American agriculture has largely shifted to mass production, Six Hands Winery believes in a return to small scale, high quality operations.  Their philosophy mirrors that of the village wineries of France, producing small lots of wine from local grapes which receive hand care through every step of their development.  The small size of the winery allows the winemakers to give their complete attention to each and every batch of grapes they process, so that Six Hands Winery can be confident that every bottle that they put their label on meets their highest standards.  Learn more about Six Hands Winery online at
 Watts Winery – Clarksburg California

  • The Watts family has been growing grapes for four generations. Their vineyards enjoy a unique microclimate near the Mokelumne River. With a dedication to quality, and a lot of hard work, they have built a reputation for producing some of the finest grapes in the California wine industry.  After years of providing grapes to the best-known wineries in California, they decided to make their own wine. Their first wine was a 1999 Old Vine Zinfandel, and today, they offer many different varietals of award-winning wine.  In 2008, Watts Winery unveiled a brand-new label of wines; the Butterfly label with the idea that 30 percent of after-profit sales would go directly toward pediatric cancer research. At Watts Winery, the mission to fund a cure for childhood cancer is personal.  We hope that you’ll join us in that mission to eradicate childhood cancer. After all, no child should suffer the pain of cancer and no family should have to endure the nightmare that is pediatric cancer.  To learn more about Watts Winery, visit them online at
 Lodi Appellation
 Benson Ferry Winery

  • Situated in the heart of California at the confluence of the Mokelumne and Cosumnes Rivers, Benson Ferry celebrates a rich farming heritage.  This family owned winery produces premium, California varietals.  Vineyard owners in Lodi for three generations, the Stokes Family Vineyard represents a family tradition of great wine grapes three generations in the making.  The vineyards now encompasses more than 2,000 acres.  Today Stokes Family Vineyard reflects classic and cutting edge grape varieties, and advanced cultivation techniques.  In 2001, the Benson Ferry Vineyards label was established to showcase premium wines and the families commitment to excellence.  Visit them online at
Grands Amis Winery

  • Grands Amis Winery philosophy is simple: great wine is meant to be shared with “great friends”.  After nearly 25 years of managing some 2,000 acres of premium grapes, Jonathan and Cathy Wetmore thought they might try their hand at making a little wine. They enjoyed working together, and knew they had some great fruit coming from these vineyards, so in 2000, they made a small amount of Zinfandel. Still not sure how good they had done, they sampled the wine with winemakers and others in the industry, and received such favorable feedback they decided to move forward. In January 2002 they started their own winery.  Since its first release of Zinfandel, Grands Amis has now added Petite Sirah, Barbera, Malbec, a Cabernet Sauvignon blend called Première Passion, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay, as well as Port.  Learn more about Grands Amis Winery online at
Van Ruiten Winery – Lodi California

  • It was the dream of a young Dutch immigrant to grow quality grapes and produce truly outstanding wines.  After his arrival in the United States shortly after World War II, John Van Ruiten settled in the Lodi area. His desire to have his own land was quickly realized when in the early 1950′s and with his personal “sweat equity”, John bought his first vineyard property. He planted Zinfandel vines and began growing wine grapes in the Lodi Appellation.  Five decades later, the Van Ruitens farm over 800 acres of wine grapes, with only their very best fruit destined to carry the family name.  After more than fifty years, their ambition became a reality as the Van Ruiten Family Winery was built just prior to the 2000 harvest. Three generations of the Van Ruiten family now work together to tend the vineyards and manage the winery.   Learn more about the Van Ruiten Winery online at
Other Delta Wine Regions
 Valhalla Cellars – Davis California

  • Valhalla Cellars was started in 2001 by Todd Martin and Madeleine Beeler Warner. Since both were of Scandinavian descent they decided to use Valhalla Cellars as their label. The goal was to make small handcrafted custom crush lots of high quality wines for the enjoyment of family, friends and clients. Their intent is to buy grapes from top vineyards in areas that produce the best quality grapes for the variety they intend to produce.    Valhalla Cellars is currently producing wines with grapes from both the Lodi and Clarksburg Appellations.  Learn more about Valhalla Cellars online at
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