Landmark Tower

June 1, 2012: The "Raising The Tower" Celebration.

Sepember 29, 2011: The historic Tower moves onto the Discover The Delta Foundation's property!

Thank you Rio Vista and the Delta Community! Your efforts are making the dream come true. Over the last several months, culminating on November 2, 2010, many people came together to make the move of the 10 stories tall historic Rio Vista water tower across the Sacramento River possible. The Discover the Delta Foundation would like to provide special recognition to:

  • The Dutra Group – Executive staff, planners and schedulers, barge and crane operators, welders and ground crew
  • DCC Engineering
  • The City of Rio Vista – the Mayor’s Office, Rio Vista Police, and Rio Vista Fire Department
  • PG & E – administration, permitting, ground and line crews
  • CalTrans
  • Lira Welding
  • McPherson Crane and Rigging
  • Murray Trucking
  • And the Discover the Delta Foundation members who have supported this project and help make it happen
The water tower now sits on the eastern bank of the Sacramento River, visible by everyone who crosses the Rio Vista Bridge. The next phase of its journey will occur once the necessary permits have been secured to move it to the Delta Discovery Center site. Your support is still needed. The Discover the Delta Foundation must raise the funds to build the tower’s foundation and reconstruct it at its final location. Please help us move and set up the tower. Make a statement about the importance of the Delta region. Let’s raise this Delta icon so everyone will recognize this amazing place called the California Delta.

November 2, 2010: The Dutra Tower moves from the Dutra Yard in Rio Vista to the eastern bank of the Sacramento River. We extend a very big "THANK YOU" to those who made the dismantling of the Dutra Tower a success!

  • Bill Dutra - The Dutra Group and the Dutra Team
  • Jim McPherson - McPherson Crane & Rigging and the McPherson Team
  • Gil Labrie, Engineer
  • The City of Rio Vista
  • The Discover The Delta Foundation Team
  • Local Media, School Children, Friends of The Discover The Delta Foundation
QUOTE: Bill Dutra (CEO, Dutra Group) "The Discover The Delta Foundation had an interest in wanting to expand their program. We supported the program. We think it's a good program... good for the kids. It's a good compliment to see the water tower find a new life and a broader use in expanding the education that's necessary for understanding the Delta."

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