Road Signage

Welcome to the introduction to the California Delta road sign project. The purpose of the project is to increase the awareness of the California Delta by erecting welcoming signs at road and highway entrances to the Delta. There are two parts to the project:

State Highways Signs

The Discover the Delta Foundation's work to purchase and place "ENTERING CALIFORNIA DELTA" signs at the state highway entrances.

First Welcome Sign Erected in Sacramento County!

Visitors entering the California Delta from Sacramento County are now greeted by a new “ENTERING CALIFORNIA DELTA” sign. The sign (photo right) is located on Highway 160 at Freeport, just across the highway from the Freeport Bar and Grill. The new sign is the fourth to be erected along state highways in the Delta by the Discover the Delta Foundation in cooperation with roadside property owners and the California Department of Transportation. The sign at Freeport welcomes visitors traveling south along the highway. The four-foot-by-eight-foot signs have a maroon background and include a full color drawing that was created by the late Marty Stanley, a long time Delta artist. Funding for the Freeport sign was provided by Sacramento County.

In addition, the Foundation has placed another sign on the west side of Interstate 5, just south of Stockton in San Joaquin County. That sign can be seen by travelers driving in both directions. The purpose of the foundation’s sign project is to increase the awareness of the boundaries of the Delta.

The new signs join two others that the foundation has placed on the Highway 12 entrances to the Delta. The Foundation placed a sign on the north side the Highway 12 near the Tower Park Resort. The sign, located in San Joaquin County, can be seen by travelers driving west into the Delta. Funding for that sign was provided by the California Delta Chambers and Visitor’s Bureau. Unfortunately, that sign was stolen, so a replacement was placed on the site.

The fourth sign has been placed along the south side of Highway 12 near the entrance of the Trilogy development west of Rio Vista in Solano County. That sign is located on a small hill and can be easily seen by eastbound motorists traveling into the Delta.

17 signs have been placed on the state highways.

The Foundation’s state highway sign projects augment a similar project involving creating welcome signs on county roads that is being conducted by the Delta Protection Commission and the five Delta counties. These signs have green backgrounds and include the name of each county.

County Roads Signs

And work by the Delta counties and the Delta Protection Commission to place green "Welcome to THE DELTA" signs on county road entrances.

Work is nearly completed on erecting welcome signs on county roads in the California Delta. The project has been spearheaded by the Delta Projection Commission, which has been working with public works departments of the five counties with jurisdictions in the Delta. To date, the welcoming signs have been placed on roads in Sacramento, Solano, San Joaquin, and Yolo counties. The commission staff is working with officials in Contra Costa County to have signs installed along roads in that jurisdiction. As part of the project, Sacramento County provided the template for the signs, which say “Welcome to THE DELTA” and contain the name of the county in black letters along the bottom. Work on the sign project has been coordinated with the California Department of Transportation. The project has been supported by the Discover the Delta Foundation, the California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau, and other agencies.

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