The Discover the Delta Foundation is a science based, educational, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to teaching people about the wonders of the California Delta and its amazing resources.

The mission of the Discover the Delta Foundation is to promote, protect and preserve the California Delta by providing objective and science-based information so that this very important resource can be better understood, enhanced and enjoyed now and for the future.

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What’s New?

    PG&E has provided 11,000 yards (550 truck loads) of environmentally sound dirt as well as equipment and labor in laying down the pad for DTDF’s 8,000 square foot Discover the Delta Education Center.
    Thanks so much to Supervisor Don Nottoli and his staff for a grant of $10,000, we also thank the US Department of Agriculture’s Farmers’ Market Promotion Program forwarding us a grant of nearly $40,000. Funding is key to the success of our project – please remember that 100% of proceeds from the Delta Farmers Market are used to fund the Discover the Delta Foundation.
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